CooperRatings helps business management build a business and strategy development plan by providing an extensive set of checks, benchmarks and diagnostics designed for profitability improvement.

CooperRatings reports grew out of a need to measure some of the things about a business that aren't well expressed by numbers: management performance, marketing, workforce matters and the like.

CooperRatings reports are being used by businesses looking for an outside opinion on how they are travelling. They're also used by businesses raising capital and by investors who need an independent view of management capability.

CooperRatings is a DIY business diagnostic tool designed for small businesses. It is ideal for businesses that really need a low cost version of a business consultants' report - like startups and business incubators.

It's a simple self-assessment system that covers things like management, marketing, workforce, operations and a host of other parts of a business. It's a question and answer process that has plenty of convenient places to break and come back later.

And the end result is no dry-as-dust consultant's report that fills you full of gloom - and at a loss about what to do next. A CooperRatings report actually tells you what you're doing well - alongside the things that could do with attention right now ... and the things that can wait.

The report is based on a sophisticated and dynamic rating algorithm that's applied to your answers behind the scenes.

You might call it user-friendly business planning ...

Download Sample Diagnostic Report
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